Problems with SMS

If you make a mistake in the receiving number (each country has a different number).
    If you make a mistake in the  the key word (the first word).
    If you do not leave a space between the key word and your name (only for certain countries)
Unfortunately, if one of these cases happens, your message will never get to Mundijuegos and we can not fix it. You?ll need to rewrite the message. Make sure you type it correctly and send it to the correct number, as indicated in the Mundijuegos Club or game chips .
If you do not receive a reply message on your mobile phone, Mundijuegos does not charge you anything and the operator must not charge you the message cost. Check the valid operators for your country.
On some occasions, it is possible that the reply message takes more time to be received because the telephone operators are saturated. That is usually solved after some hours.
Company mobiles
When using a company phone, some operators have premium SMS numbers blocked by default or require a special operation. For instance, in Vodafone Spain you have to add a ?0? (zero) in front of the number for it to be correctly delivered. Check with your operator for more information.
If you have any problems with this payment method, you can contact URL1?>BoaCompra Customer Service.
Yoigo (Spain)
It is possible that the users of this mobile operator suffer a delay of up to 1 hour for the payment made with SMS to be completed.
Check with your operator if you have this kind of SMS numbers restricted (it is possible that your mobile rate does not cover this kind of SMS).

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